Artículo de revista académica

Crossing the Great Divide: coproduction, synergy, and development

Autoría: Ostrom, E.
Citación: Ostrom, E. (1996). Crossing the Great Divide: coproduction, synergy, and development. World Development, 24(6), 1073-1087.

"Coproduction is a process through which inputs from individuals who are not “in” the same organization are transformed into goods and services. Two cases are presented — one from Brazil and one from Nigeria — where public officials play a major role. In Brazil, public officials actively encourage a high level of citizen input to the production of urban infrastructure. In Nigeria, public officials discourage citizen contributions to primary education. The third section of the paper provides a brief overview of the theory of coproduction and its relevance for understanding the two cases. The last section addresses the implications of coproduction in polycentric systems for synergy and development."