Artículo de revista académica

Lessons from the evidence on evidence-based policy

Autoría: French, R. D.
Citación: French, R. D. (2018). Lessons from the evidence on evidence-based policy. Canadian Public Administration, 61(3), 425-442.

"What can we learn from the evidence on evidence-based policy (EBP)? We summarize and synthesize the themes that converge from the observations of those scholars who have studied EBP, including studies of “science and public policy” and “knowledge utilization.” Many characteristics of the policy-making environment escape the notice of the majority of advocates of EBP; we examine them in summary. Next, we identify key lessons from research that addresses directly the practice of policy-making. A substantial consensus on the experience of EBP in policy-making emerges. However, when we examine the conclusions of various students of EBP as to the requirements for its successful implementation, we see that no consensus exists as to the way ahead. EBP will remain a popular ideal among scientists and social scientists because of its intuitive appeal, but would not appear to offer a simple prospect of rapid and significant improvement in the application of research to public policy."