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Our frugal future: lessons from India's Innovation System

Autoría: Bound, K. y Thornton, I.
Citación: Bound, K. y Thornton, I. (2012). Our frugal future: lessons from India's Innovation System. Recuperdo de:

This report explores the policies, institutions and industries that are driving research and innovation. It measures how India's research strengths are developing, and maps how the geography of Indian research and innovation is changing.

Innovation has raced up the Indian Government's agenda in recent years, and the President has declared the next ten years the 'Decade of Innovation.'

This project was undertaken and funded in partnership between Nesta, the FCO Science and Innovation Network, the Research Councils UK and the UK-India Education and Research Initiative. It draws on secondary literature and the latest quantitative data available, in addition to over 130 in-depth interviews with Indian policymakers, entrepreneurs and academics.