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The many meanings of research utilization

Autoría: Weiss, C.
Citación: Weiss, C. (1979). The many meanings of research utilization. Public Administration Review, v39(5), 426-431. doi:

"A review of the literature reveals that a diverse array of meanings is attached to the term. The notion is that basic research discloses some opportunity that may have relevance for public policy; applied research is conducted to define and test the findings of basic research for practical action; if all goes well, appropriate technologies are developed to implement the findings; whereupon application occurs. The most common concept of research utilization involves the direct application of the results of a specific social science study to a pending decision. The expectation is that research provides empirical evidence and conclusions that help to solve a policy problem. The model is again a linear one, but the steps are different from those in the knowledge-driven model. Here the decision drives the application of research. All kinds of people involved in an issue area pool their talents, beliefs and understandings in an effort to make sense of a problem."