Artículo de revista académica

Work and family conflict in academic science: patterns and predictors among women and men in research universities

Autoría: Fox, M. F., Fonseca, C., y Bao, J.
Citación: Fox, M. F., Fonseca, C., y Bao, J. (2011). Work and Family Conflict in Academic Science: Patterns and Predictors among Women and Men in Research Universities. Social studies of science, 41(5), 715–735. DOI:

"This article addresses work-family conflict as reported among women and men academic scientists in data systematically collected across fields of study in nine US research universities. Arguing that academic science is a particularly revealing case for studying work-family conflict, the article addresses: (1) the bi-directional conflict of work with family, and family with work, reported among the scientists; (2) the ways that higher, compared with lower, conflict, is predicted by key features of family, academic rank, and departments/institutions; and (3) patterns and predictors of work-family conflict that vary, as well as converge, by gender. Results point to notable differences, and commonalties, by gender, in factors affecting interference in both directions of work-family conflict reported by scientists. These findings have implications for understandings of how marriage and children, senior compared with junior academic rank, and departmental climates shape work-family conflict among women and men in US academic science. "